The purchase of an aircraft is an exciting and in-depth process. With hundreds of models to choose from, our analysis of your needs and current market makes sure you buy the aircraft that best suits your travel desires and budget. Partnering with Garrett Aviation's experienced staff assures you of a seamless operation that encompasses your vision.


  • Client-focused consultation services
  • Valuation of target pre-owned aircraft
  • Detailed inspection of aircraft logs
  • Coordination of pre-purchase inspection
  • Escrow account management
  • Handling of all FAA registration requirement
  • Arrangement of aircraft delivery


When the decision of selling your aircraft arises, partnering with Garrett Aviation will ensure a successful process.  Our team is here to discuss and understand your current and future goals as they relate to your aviation needs. Your satisfaction is our top priority; let our experience lead the way.


  • Focused digital and print marketing
  • Consultation services
  • Most current research and market analysis
  • Contracts and price negotiations
  • Industry networking to find the most qualified buyers