Garrett Aviation can help negotiate the complications associated with purchasing an aircraft. Our years of experience and industry contacts help with making sure the aircraft you purchase fits the mission you require and that it is in top working condition. It is our goal that you retain as much value in your investment as you can and we work vigorously to ensure that no stone is left unturned in this important process.


Maintaining financial considerations is an integral part of operating an aircraft. Every month, you will receive a detailed report outlining the operating cost of your aircraft. Every invoice is passed through at cost and we have absolutely zero markup from third party vendors. Our low cost operating model allows for true transparency, which we believe sets us apart in the aviation industry.


We take the hassle and enigma out of aircraft maintenance by overseeing every detail to guarantee your aircraft is always maintained to the highest standards.  Garrett Aviation serves as your liaison to the FAA and we make certain all required maintenance is completed in a correct and timely manner. Our computerized aircraft maintenance and tracking software ensures no item is neglected and helps to limit downtime by efficiently managing regulatory compliance issues. A designated Garrett Aviation employee will always accompany your aircraft to maintenance in order to control cost and confirm that the highest standards are always met. We take pride in knowing that your aircraft is in top working order and by operating with this hands-on approach we can assure the safe, efficient operation of your aircraft as well as guaranteeing that your investment retains its value


Allowing Garrett Aviation to manage your asset gives you the opportunity to take advantage of discounts that we have created by forming partnerships in the industry. By being an aircraft management company, we are able to lower the cost of flight crew training, aircraft insurance and maintenance expenses with our fleet discount programs. Additionally, we are able to lower the burden of high fuel costs by negotiating discounted fuel rates with your aircraft home base as well as destination Fixed Base Operators.


At Garrett Aviation, we only hire experienced, professional pilots to serve you. Every pilot must exceed the stringent FAA requirements for training in high performance aircraft. Also, our flight crews receive yearly simulator training at Bombardier, Flight Safety International or CAE SimuFlite. By taking these steps, we can ensure that the experience and professionalism of our crews will make your journey a safe and comfortable one.